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big man
Photo at 2 years old
big man
Photo at 6 years old

Bolivian Little Big Man
Mature Height: 35.5"
Sire: HCLA Bolivian Easy Money
Dam: HCLA Bolivian Grey Cloud

ror royal legace
DOB: 1-2-08
Sire: Bolivian Gold Crown Legace
Dam: ROR Angelica
Mature Height 34.5"

ror silver enchantor
DOB: 11-15-07
Sire: ROR Macho Poco
Dam: ROR Dutchess
Mature Height: 37"

Bolivian El Chiquito
Sire: Bolivian Hot Shot 
Dam: Bolivian Minuet of Chile
AMLA reg. ht. 36 1/2"


New Phase
DOB: 3 11 00
Sire: Peruvian Keno 
Dam: Perfection's Star Dust 
AMLA reg. ht. 38"

ROR Debonair
DOB: 4/16/05
Sire: ROR Gold Nugget
Dam: La Cascara
Debonair is very small, has fine silky wool and is gentle.
One of Nugget's finest.
Height: 31" at 20 months
Little Thunder
DOB: 6/22/06
Sire: Destinee
Dam: Ambrosia
Height: 34 1/2" at 19 mo.
Argentine Primo
DOB: 9 27 07
Sire: Argentine Just Perfect
Dam: Argentine Prima Fina
Co-owned with Darlene and Ken Awarski of Breezy Acres Farm
GHLC Mercury 
DOB: 4/1/05
Sire: HRR Silverado Warrior
Dam: BHR Alize
Height: 32 1/2" at one year
Iced Caramel Machiato  
DOB: 8/3/04
Sire: Chilean Ice Master
Dam: Harmony
Height: 34" at 21 mo.
AMLA Height: 36 3/4" pending
FOR SALE: $3,000
Sire: LW Drummer
Dam: Chilean Diamante

This awesome gentle full Chilean mini herd sire
is ready to go to work in your mini breeding program.
3/4 Bolivian, 3/16 Chilean
Sire: Bolivian Baron
Dam: Blue Bell Blue

What a face on this sharp little
South American!
AMLA Reg. Height: 35 3/4"
DOB:  10-15-97
Sire:  Franko
Dam:  Sugar Sweet
Future Herd Sire
Height: 34 1/2 inches
DOB: 3-16-04
Sire:  Bolivian Razzel Dazzel
Dam:  Franny

AMLA Reg. Height: 37"
DOB:  3-27-01
Sire:  Drakkar
Dam:  Macho Girl

Macho Poco face.jpg (18189 bytes)
Click on Macho's picture
for a closer look

 Future Herd Sire
DOB: 9-13-03
Sire:  Zen
Dam: Marimba
Co owned with Darlene and Ken Awarski
of Breezy Acres Farm, Blacksburg, VA

Herd Sire
AMLA Reg. Height: 35"

DOB: 5-4-98
Sire:  Franko
Dam: Bolivian Flopsi
Price: $4,500

Personality plus long, lustrous fiber. Has sired excellent quality small offspring. Half Bolivian.

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